Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My weekend, 8 Oct

Last weekend I visited my friends in Virginia. We were fasting and we ate breakfast in their apartment. The food was delicious. It was chicken and rice. It’s reminding me to my mother food. After that we went to Pentagon Mall. I bought clothes and shoes. Finally we returned to the apartment and played video game. The weather was beautiful and we spent good times.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

A bout myself

I am going to tell you a bout myself. My name is Mohammed. I am 19 year-old. I am from Qatar. I have three brothers and one sister. When I was 3 year-old, my sister was born. She is 16 year-old now. They are Abdullah, Sultan and Fisal. Abdullah is older then me but, Sultan and Fisal are younger then me. My father is a police officer and my mother is a teacher. I began study when I was 6 year-old in Amslal elementary school. After that I continued my education in Alahnaf secondary school. Then I graduated from high school last year.I like my traditional clothes. My favorite hobbies are soccer and hunting. When I was 10 year-old, I was play in Qatar club. After three years I entered in national team in soccer. I traveled with them to Jordan. After four years I stopped play soccer, because I was in last class in high school. I didn't find time to play and I have to study hard to get high scour. In 2000 I began hunt with my father. He has experience in hunt and he teaches me how I can hunt. When I was 15 year-old, I hunted with my father in Saudi Arabia. The weather was good to hunt. It was warm. Before I came here, I was in army. The life there was difficult on the other hand it was beautiful. I met a lot of people there. I stayed there for five months. I have army certificate. My life has changed. I came here to study English. After that I will apply at university of Maryland. My major is fire protection engineering. I have been here for seven months. I live with my friends in an apartment. Finally the life here is difficult. I miss my family and my relatives. I am never defeated by sadness.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My English

Before I came here, My English language was bad. I have been here for seven months. My English is improving. MEI programs helped me. Now I can speak English. In the past, I can’t solve my problem on my own but, now I can. My speaking partner helps me to improve my English. This is good idea to the English language.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Smoking is the biggest cause of preventable disease and premature death in the U.K. Every day 300 people die due to smoking. It is estimated that one four people will be killed prematurely by their habit. Smoking kills five times more people before their time and why is smoking bad for you?
Tobacco smoke is made up of chemicals. Some of them are very harmful. The carbon monoxide reduces the ability of your blood to carry oxygen to the brain and muscles. If you want stop smoking, then the best way is to use your will power. You may be able to throw all the cigarettes away or you may want to wean yourself off them by reducing the quantity daily or weekly.